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The absence of official data on the sector led the Italian Association to request the support of Prometeia in carrying out a survey aimed at assessing the economic relevance of the sector, which represents an important niche of the Made in Italy.

The survey was conducted through a questionnaire and inteviews to a selected pool of opinion leaders. 
The questionnaire was sent in 2018 to enamels producers and users. The data collected refers to year 2017.

Based on the results of Prometeia-Cisp survey, Itay produces 15 millions of enamelled pieces, both from companies that manufacture finished products or from third-party enamellers, for a value that exceeds € 1.2 billions euro. Figures comparable to those of other important niches of the Italian market (hosiery and sports). Over 70% of glazed products in Italy is destined to foreign markets, highlighting the positive contribution offered by this sector to the country's exports.

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